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In the past few years, a large chunk of MBAs passed out of the institutes. This course attracted students from almost all educational backgrounds. As students saw an MBA as a good option to secure an appealing position in the corporate sector, they ran for getting a Master’s Degree in Management. This came as an opportunity to business-minded people, the result of which is that India had over 5000 management institutes (as of Q1 2018). In the craving of a high-paying job, students made a hasty decision and forgot to check the creditability of the Business Schools while taking admission. They failed to remember that not all paths lead to a beautiful destination. And, we all are au courant with the outcome! The figure of unemployed MBAs in our country is gigantic.

The reason is simple! Many degree holders do not possess the critical qualities that corporates expect an MBA to have. And people started losing faith in the MBA. By now the regular MBA and PGDM Dual Specialization have become antiquated.

Vincent Van Gogh stated,

“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”

Now, it is time to shift focus to some state-of-the-art course, which not only imparts knowledge but equips students with the sought-after skills. And, in the era of digitalization, we cannot afford to leave behind the Digital Marketing cognition. However, if you choose to learn digital marketing only, you are becoming an expert in a particular field. But, the industry is in the look-out for candidates having multi-dimensional skills along with strong IT knowledge. Here comes another problem; doing PGDM and DM courses separately will cost much in terms of time and money both. So, what’s the way out? The terrific option is – PGDM Triple Specialization course of ADMIPRO Business School.

PGDM Triple Specialization – The concept

To meet the industry requirements, we have devised a sui generis PGDM course that offers triple specialization. Our PGDM course in Hyderabad is completely industry-oriented; designed in conjunction with global industry leaders.

This course lets you complete post-graduation in management, along with making you an expert in three subjects at the same time, without extra spending. It looks like:

Major Subject + Minor Subject + Digital Marketing (a mandatory sectoral specialization)

Unlike in PGDM/MBA dual specialization where you specialize in two subjects, we permit you to gain expertise in three subjects. With ADMIPO Business School, you can choose two subjects of your choice as a Major and a Minor subject. Along with, you will be trained in Digital Marketing, an obligatory subject.

It is compulsory for every candidate to study DM, irrespective of the other two subjects you choose. Because gone are the days when Digital Marketing used to be essential for marketing folks. Now, Digital Marketing is pervasive. It plays an influential role in every field.  Be it Finance, HR, Management, Operations, and obviously Marketing, DM knowledge is needed in every segment. Moreover, when it comes to getting acquainted to Digital Marketing concepts, it doesn’t make any difference whether you prefer to take a job or choose to become an entrepreneur.

You will realize its need even in creating & promoting your social profile, which is needed to come into the limelight. At ADMIPRO B-School we guide you on this too thereby enabling you to have a powerful & enticing social media profile that looks professional as well.

Don’t Forget!

A noteworthy point of our course is that we do not only transfer bookish knowledge but train you on practical aspects related to all the subjects, including Digital Marketing. We make your work on live projects under the mentorship of adroit professionals. Moreover, while internship, we ensure that you do not get practical training in a generalized way. Instead, it should be such that add fuel to fire. And in DM hand-on practical is more useful than any theory class. The intention is to power up your core area. Suppose you choose finance as a major, so the DM training will be in line with the needs of the finance sector. Looks impressive!

Besides, automized processes make ADMIPRO B-School peerless. We have separate software to track the activities of students & trainers thereby ensuring things are on the right track. Furthermore, we notify students about the future course of action through their connected devices. This helps in preventing any deviation.

In short, we have a complete package to make you a consummate.

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