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With the advent of the digital era, there is a sharp rise in the demand for digital marketing skills. And why it shouldn’t? The data of World Internet Users & Population Statistics (as of Q2 2019) suggests more than 50% of the world’s population is using the internet. As a result of this, many companies have started recognizing how digital marketing can help in increasing their profits. Moreover, high-end businesses are also allocating the budget for digital marketing. As per the findings of Forrester Research, the demand for digital marketing skills has dualized during the past five years.

Being in the industry, we know that the demand for digital skills is going to climb in the coming years too. It is paving the way for a vast range of opportunities in the sector that includes both job & business.

And those who are in the business of education are taking advantage of it. Now, you can find many digital marketing institutes offering a cheap digital marketing certificate course in less time. Do these institutes take care of excellence? Or it would be better to go with ADMIPRO Business School offering PGDM in Digital Marketing?

Let’s Find Out


Upon going into detail, you will find that the focal point of digital marketing institutes are covering the basic concepts and completing the course in a shorter duration. They don’t care where you land after that. They allure you in the name of the certificate. However, ADMIPRO B-School encourages you to grow in your career. We want you to play a big-league in the industry for which real education is the key.


Generally, digital marketing institutes insist on the certificate and plan the course accordingly. As a common practice, they touch concepts as quickly as possible to wrap up the batch. After this, some institutes judge your skills before completing the formality of awarding certificates. And some institutes do not even care for that. Here, there is a strong need to understand that the certificate won’t take you ahead, but skills will.

Thus, we, at ADMIPRO Business School, have prepared a comprehensive curriculum and give sufficient time to each topic while training. The intention is to make you proficient in the subject, thereby enabling you to get top rank across the industry.


Normally, digital marketing institutes don’t provide much practical exposure. And even if they do, you will not be paid for the work you do under training. On the contrary, we let you earn while studying. With us, you get the opportunity to work on multiple projects for hands-on practice, and you receive payment for the same.

Hierarchical Growth

You might have heard institutes talking about placement assistance, but the reality is different. If you choose to go with the digital marketing institute, it is not even sure that you will get any job after completion of the course. What is guaranteed is the certificate, mostly!

But, the scenario is un similar to ADMIPRO B-School. Our objective is to impart detail knowledge of the subject and help the candidates grow in the industry; we provide all the needed support for the same. We have a tie-up with many national & international companies for placement. And your intelligence will help you step-up on the ladder of career. From the junior level executive, you can not only reach senior positions but can become a Digital Entrepreneur too.


The certificate is not all that counts when you think of entering into the industry. It is easy to get one. The essential element is the reputation. For a certificate to be valuable, it must be issued by a certified body. Unfortunately, many students forget to enquire about this. Interestingly, upon enquiring, you will find that many digital marketing institutes are not authorized.

However, the ADMIPRO B-school offers diploma certificate, which is recognized by the esteemed bodies – All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) & HRD (Government of India).

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We have thrown light on what future holds for you in the digital age along with highlighting the importance of acquiring the digital skills from the right place. Getting a certificate in digital marketing is beneficial, but possessing the right set of knowledge is what matters more. While hiring, employers look for candidates who can turn out to be a valuable asset for the company. Therefore, you must learn digital marketing from a reputed and recognized place, having the required resources to nurture you in the best way. For this, join ADMIPRO’s PGDM in Digital Marketing Hyderabad. We are fully equipped to make you a digital marketer pro. With us, you can attain new heights in your career.

In case you have any queries, call us. We are here to guide you.

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