ADMIPro Business School Recently Launches PGDM With Triple Specialization – How That Takes You To The New era?

Matshona Dhilwayo, he well said

The world accommodates you for fitting in, but only rewards you for standing out.”

Isn’t it true? Cant’ we relate to this? Surely, most of us can! Today, when the competition is so stiff, it is quite impossible to leave the footprints by just being average. You have to do something extraordinary to reach a new peak.

Same is the case with the PGDM course, the counterpart of MBA. There are thousands of institutes in India offering these courses. According to a report published in India Today (updated 2018), lakhs of students graduate from management course from nearly 5,500 management institutes. However, if we look at the employability figures, it is distressing. As stated in the report, the study by ASSOCHAM reveals that only 7% of these management graduates are employable.

Even after spending lakhs of rupees and precious two years of life, students could not be found suitable for employment. Isn’t it disheartening that only 7 out of 100 students could barely grab the job opportunities?

What does this mean?

Definitely, there is something which is missing in case of most of the B-Schools. It was divulged in the report too. The main reasons are not updating the program on a regular basis, mediocre quality of education, and lack of skill-based education; the most important of all.

So, the need of the moment is to look for the B-School which can deal with all these issues. Keeping in mind all these, ADMIPRO Business School has arrived with AICTE approved PGDM course offering triple specialization. It won’t be wrong to say that our course is sui generis. Why?

The scenario in detail..!

Most of you have come across the management schools offering dual specialization where students have the option to choose major and minor subjects from a range of specializations. But, we are different. We at ADMIPRO Business School, are providing PGDM with triple specialization. Here, you will get the opportunity to choose minor and major subjects from regular fields that include Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations. In addition to this, you will have Digital Marketing as a compulsory specialization in your curriculum.

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A New Age Business School in Hyderabad

We can’t neglect Digitization

Today, we are in the digital world. Here, whatever you do, you must be able to showcase it to the world the digital way. After completion of the course, whether you end up taking up a job or starting a business, it is a must to know digital marketing. If we talk concerning the job prospect, it is indispensable that you should be able to mark your presence throughout the digital world. You should be able to make your social profile in a way that catches the eye of the recruiters and industry leaders. Then only, it would be possible for you to climb the ladder of success swiftly, surpassing the masses. The other major benefit of having PGDM with digital marketing specialization is that you will always be ahead of your companions who will be specialized in regular fields.

And, if you want to be an entrepreneur, we do not think there is any need to explain the importance of digital marketing to you. You very well know that digital marketing can do wonders for you. The point here is when you do not own specialization in digital marketing by the end of PGDM, you will either have to go for further education in digital marketing thus wasting time & money; or you will have to appoint a specialist, which again will come as an added expense.

So, why not to be a digital marketing expert along with the PGDM holder? It will not only save your resources but will help you stand apart from the crowd.

Features that differentiate from other business schools

ADMIPRO business school is India’s first B-school that offers triple specialization with digital marketing. We believe, merely getting a management degree/diploma is not enough rather it should do some value-addition. Our PGDM with a triple specialization is designed to accomplish the purpose of providing holistic management skill to prepare you for a challenging role in the corporate sphere.

We have a case-based methodology of instruction. In this, we use both dummies as well as original cases to develop your thinking ability and problem-solving skills. Not only this, with us, you will have the opportunity to get trained from international faculty who themselves are industry specialists. They not only possess bookish knowledge, instead have hands-on practical. Therefore, they can take you to the real world from the day-1 of the curriculum. And to add to the excellence of the program, we have an arrangement wherein you can earn while you learn.

Join ADMIPRO Business School to become a fully learned & skilled management professional and give your career a contemporary outlook. Get in touch now!

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