How does the “Incubation Support Programme” work for PGDM students at ADMIPro, Hyderabad?

Every person has innate talent and capabilities. The need is to discover the potential and polish the same; steer your resources towards the right path and become undefeated.

An Entrepreneur at your Inside!

Have you ever felt that your thoughts are boundless? Then you are on the right page. Actually, there is a very thin line between being a powerhouse or a flabby. It is crucial to learn about this line and be on the positive side. There are many people who want to start a business. Do you belong to the same group? Then our PGDM triple specialization program is the appropriate or you!

Some people might think what the need of pursuing PGDM/MBA is to start a business! We gonna show you what difference does the PGDM degree makes when it comes to starting a business. In fact, let us have a look at statistics and you will be able to decide on your own.

According to a report by the IBM Institute for Business Value & Oxford Economics, 90% of Indian startups fail within 5 years of starting. Another study advised that from nearly 6000 IT startups in 2016, the number came down to 800 within 9 months of 2017.

The major reason attached to this massive failure is the lack of uniqueness, followed by a shortage of funding from investors. As per experts, people in India are more of a follower than an innovator. Many startups have imitated the business models of western countries. 

Furthermore, India stands at the 52nd position in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019. The credit of this not-so-good position goes to poor quality of education.

A PGDM program can help you convert your ideas into a profitable and long-lasting business.

“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” – Anthony Volodkin

Evolve With PGDM Incubator Support Program. How?

ADMIPRO Business School is one of the most whitelisted business school in Hyderabad, possessing all the resources to make you the leader of the industry. In fact, our model is specially blended to turn you into an undefeated entrepreneur.

Embedding Success In Attitude

Success comes to those who work for it, and the same should be visible in your attitude. At ADMIPRO B-School, apart from academics, we develop your soft skills to enhance personal effectiveness. It includes improvising emotional intelligence, spiritual orientation, and training on life skills. Moreover, we guide you on making and maintaining healthy and long-term relationships with different parties, a must-have quality for progress.

Launching a business is not tough. The difficult part is to continue it. We acquaint you with ways of running and growing a business. ADMIPRO Business School takes the fear of failure out of you. With us, you can experiment. It is a protected place to play with your ideas and approaches to work without any tension of losing, unlike real business. In case your move turns out to be incorrect, mentors are there to enlighten you. This will boost your confidence level.

Be on the field, not on the line

Being on the line, you can just see people doing and cheer them up upon victory. But, this is not going to make a difference in your life. You are just letting the person in the field know the right and the wrong, and helping in his improvement.

To move ahead in your life and achieve success, you need to be on the field and act yourself. For this, we put you on the field from Day 1 under the mentors who are champions of the industry. This is to impart the knowledge of the real business world; you get to know how different tasks are undertaken. The PGDM triple specialization course enables you to learn multiple subjects. As an entrepreneur cannot stick to a particular task, we aim to make you an all-rounder along with a versed digital marketer, which is a cardinal stream of the era.

And, A Few Complimentary Goodies

To foster you as a self-assured entrepreneur, we have other necessary arrangements too. ADMIPRO Business School provides you with an opportunity to be a part of the Digital Entrepreneur Club, which helps in extending your reach. Not only this, you will get the chance to participate in startup events and access to e-commerce tools.

To sum-up, during your tenure of PGDM at ADMIPRO B-School, you will get a sense of being an entrepreneur. This is how the course is structured.

Your Turn Now!

Do you have the idea that can bring transformation, but doesn’t know how to execute it? Then join us, we will equip you with the modus. The PGDM Incubator Support Programme in ADMIPRO Business School is Contempo concept, created to trot out the entrepreneur in you.

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