New Graduates Journey From ADMIpro Digital Marketing Business School

“Be excited about the prospect of moving on. This is your new beginning. The start of anything you want.”

Passing out from the college or university is a one-of-its-kind experience. It comes with a range of emotions & feelings accompanied by plans. Bidding adieu to the place where you used to go regularly can make you upset. Also, some of your close friends might be joining the job or registering for higher education in a different city. It is quite obvious to have questions as to what the future holds for you.

The answer is simple! ADMIPRO Business School is waiting for you. We are ready to make your coming two years exciting, fun-filled, and rewarding at the same time.  Moreover, as digital marketing is the mandatory part of the course, you will be able to explore a new horizon. You might be thinking about how we can say this? The answer to this question is presented below. Our basket of offerings says it all.

The features that make ADMIPRO B-School unparalleled –

Ambiance and Culture

The first thing a person gets to see at any place is its appearance. If the place doesn’t look proper, clean and well-maintained, then everything else would be insufficient to allure the person. Additionally, culture gives an idea about the impact of the Business School on its students. A good cultured place indicates that a B-School is able enough to transform the minds of the students.

Alexander Den Heijer said, “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

Positive & Friendly Environment

At ADMIPRO Business School, the environment is surrounded by positivity. It not only refreshes you but re-fills you with new energy. You will feel happy to spend time here. In case of any requirement, our staff members are there to support you.

Transparent Policies

What is visible to you = what we have. We don’t believe in hiding any facts or policies as it hampers the relationship. At ADMIPRO B-School, it is our duty to let you know each of the important information in advance.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The syllabus of ADMIPRO Business School is designed in line with the industry requirements. With the intent to make you an expert, we ensure that not a single crucial aspect remains uncovered. Moreover, we include case studies also.

Conceptual Teaching

There is no sense of putting you on the field until you have the conceptual understanding as it serves as a source of knowledge. Undeniably, knowledge is power. You will get insight on every concept with optimum use of examples and real-life cases.


Knowledge without the know-how of application can’t take you much ahead. Thus, we provide you with the chance to work on 2+ real-time projects. A mentor will be there to clear your doubts. Interestingly, you will be trained on your core subjects + Digital Marketing components like SEO, content marketing, PPC, SMM, and others.

Learn From Industry Leaders

To become the leader of tomorrow, you must know how the leaders of today are undertaking things. Thus, we arrange guest lectures and invite well-known personalities of the industry to enlighten you.

Certificates & Badges for Performance

Certificates act as physical proof of what you have learned. It acts as an entry ticket and thus you must have it. And needless to say, performance badges add to your recognition.

PGDM Certificate From ADMIPRO

You get the postgraduate diploma certificate from ADMIPRO, which is approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and HRD of Government of India, the eminent bodies of the country.


Depending upon the number of activities you participate in (scholastic & non-scholastic), you will have the chance to earn certificates & experience. Additionally, you get an internship certificate also from the company you serve.

Earn While You Learn

With us, you will have on the job training from day 1 for which you will receive the stipend. It enables you to generate up to 50% ROI by the time you will complete the course, along with 2 years of work experience.

Professional Grooming

To make you ready for the industry & see you performing from the day you pass out and enter into the corporate world, we take care of your all-round development. It includes personality development, communication skills, reasoning ability, etc. The objective is that you should look presentable and must be able to understand various aspects like human behavior, work processes, and others.

Career Support

We not only help in getting a suitable internship opportunity but in getting placed too. We have a tie-up with various national and international companies, and call them for campus recruitment. You can reach the dream place – The Silicon Valley through us.

But before that, you need to have an effective resume and we help you in building that too.

Call Now To Reserve Your Space

Every chance comes with an expiry date. Thus, it’s better to grab the same immediately. The ADMIPRO’S PGDM in digital marketing Hyderabad is one such opportunity knocking at your door. Our PGDM triple specialization course is exclusive that provides you with the chance to get specialized in three subjects, out of which the two will be of your choice. The third and compulsory subject is Digital Marketing. It can open the gateway to a range of opportunities, not only in India but in foreign countries as well. Connect with us before it gets too late!

The new job is an amazing chance to show the world what you are capable of. You have everything to be great. Just use it and never give up on your dreams.”

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