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Finance is not just about the exchange of money. It is much beyond that. Finance is boundless, indeed. There is no such field that lacks the dominion of finance. Right from the household to business to politics to the nation; none serves as the fence to finance. Thus, financial literacy has now become a necessity. The working knowledge of finance can ensure the success of the organization along with personal growth.

Strive Masiyiwa, well said

Being promoted to a top position in your organization, or even being elected to public office, does not suddenly endow you with financial literacy, if you did not acquire and develop it, earlier in your life.

So, why not get a stronghold on the subject while pursuing higher education?

Unbury the Reality

When it comes to Post Graduate Diploma in Management ( PGDM Finance), there are so many institutes offering this course. It’s not hard to take admission in PGDM course. Moreover, you will get dual specialization wherein you can pick one more subject along with Finance from the basket having Marketing, HR & Operations. But, Is this sufficient to mark your presence?

Before you reach to a conclusion, it would be better to have a look at some facts.

Every year, around 3 lakh students complete masters in the management discipline. Do you think all are equally competent to grab good opportunities? Nah! Does this make any sense? The huge crowds coming out of local management colleges every year remain on the bench, thereby worsening the unemployment rate. Further, people start denoting PGDM as a useless stream. You will be startled to see the figures that Higher Education Report by FICCI & EY highlights! As per the report, 9/10 MBAs are unemployable, i.e., 99% of the population of MBAs could not be employed.

The reasons include outdated curriculum, poor infrastructure, antediluvian teaching methodology, and amateur faculty. Due to these factors, the candidates fail to get latch onto significant skills. But this doesn’t mean that the PGDM is worthless.

Coming back to the point, is there any way to mark your presence as a PGDM finance graduate? Of course, yes! You could be part of 1% when comes to employment after PGDM. The need is to select your B-School wisely. There are several factors that a candidate must look for in a Business School before taking admission. Those points give an idea of whether a particular institute could make you or break you.

Rise above the Flock with ADMIPRO Business School

We, at ADMIPRO Business School, have a completely distinct approach. We have performed comprehensive research to find out what the industry expects from a PGDM Finance graduate. Accordingly, we have designed our curriculum. Have a look at our offering and you would believe that we are out of the ordinary.

Post Graduate Diploma in Finance + Digital Marketing

In today’s time, employers expect you to be multi-skilled. And in the epoch of digitalization, proficiency in digital marketing takes you to a whole new level. For this, we offer PGDM Triple Specialization approved by AICTE, where Digital Marketing is a compulsory component.

It means, with us, you will not only become a finance specialist but a digital marketing pro too. This way, you can give your company an effective online presence and showcase your products & services to allure clients.

Case-Based Pedagogy

Furthermore, we have case-based pedagogy and makes use of original cases to train you. This enables us to impart practical skills along with conceptual understanding.

It helps us in overcoming the problem that industry face; the inability of the candidates to put theory into practice in an apt manner. Remember, the diploma certificate acts as a ticket to the interview room, but your skills empower you to crack the interview and get a job.

Job from Day 1

We treat our candidates as Executive Trainee rather than a student. To equip our executives with industry culture, we provide the opportunity to work under the supervision of industry experts from Day 1.

In the morning session, you learn the concepts and in the afternoon session, you get the opportunity to apply the learnings under the mentorship of adroit finance professional. It helps us in assessing your approach to real-life issues so that we can guide you better.

Apply Now!

Needless to explain, time flies fast and once gone, do not return. So, take advantage of the opportunity now! Apply for the PGDM Finance with Digital Marketing specialization course of ADMIPRO Business School and reach the pinnacle of your career. This program is one of its kinds that open the door for a range of opportunities. Moreover, with us, you can generate up to 50% Return on Investment (ROI) by the end of the PGDM triple specialization program. Isn’t it impressive?

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