An MBA from a good institute is a costly affair. And it remained the same throughout. Students spend a hefty sum and invaluable two years of life for earning an MBA degree. But is an MBA degree worth it? Not sure! We believe a yes or a no won’t suffice. Let’s dive into this article to get an answer.

Traditional MBA: Oldfangled Course

A traditional MBA degree has already started losing shimmer. The demand for an MBA degree is declined in the past few years, leading to the shutdown of many MBA colleges. The reason being the interest of students is moving away from this degree. The focus is shifting towards skill-based education.

According to a report of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), 101 management institutes applied for closure during 2017-2018, totaling to nearly 10,000 seats. These institutes are affected mainly due to poor campus placements resulting in downsized demand thereby vacant seats. The story doesn’t end here. Besides these, some other general institutes filed for the closure of management courses that added another 11,000 seats.

There are multiple reasons behind this displeasing scenario, including outdated syllabus, incompetent faculty, lack of proper industry training, and meagre soft skills. These lead to the creation of unemployable candidates as employers don’t prefer such candidates. Though these students have a degree but the practical skills are non-existent.

It has been found that even after spending lakhs of money for higher education, a huge crowd of these degree-holders could not land at any good place; leave aside the dream company. These people are unable to fulfill the expectations of the industry. And, the dearth of dynamism & eagerness doesn’t let them become an entrepreneur as well.

So, what is the sense of doing an MBA this way, which is not going to help you in any manner? By choosing this, you are wasting two very critical resources – time & money. Now, you should look for some contemporary courses.

PGDM With Digital Base

During the time of transformation when everything is moving towards digitalization, you can’t afford to keep yourself distant from the knowledge of Digital Marketing. A regular management course is no more an alluring field. Now, you should have multiple skills to prove your effectiveness. And digital marketing proficiency is like ‘cherry on the cake’. It opens a wide range of opportunities for you. There is no such area in the industry where DM is not applicable be it finance, HR or any other. A report suggests, by 2020, there will be a massive demand for candidates proficient in digital marketing.

But when you choose to go with a regular management course, you are deciding to ignore a paramount aspect – Digital Marketing. Now, you might be thinking that many institutes are offering digital marketing certificate and you can learn from them.  However, the problem is digital marketing is a vast field and not every institute takes you to the depth of the subject. Additionally, the recognition of the certificate matters a lot. The cheap digital marketing course is of no use. Furthermore, acquiring management education & digital marketing education separately can’t make you an expert. Preferably, the need is to learn management concepts with digital essence. Then only you would know how to use digital marketing tools with a core area of specialization.

To overcome the problem, we have come up with an exceptional program. Here, we offer a PGDM course with a triple specialization. You will choose one major and one minor subject as per your interest, and Digital Marketing will be present compulsorily as the third subject. So, you will specialize in three subjects, having PGDM with Digital Marketing. This course is approved by AICTE and HRD and thus you need not worry about recognition.

Final Note

An increased number of people, including both students & parents have started realizing the difference between an old-fashioned MBA degree and a modish PGDM course. We want every student to understand & accept that without skills, you are nothing. No degree can bring success to you until you possess something unique to offer. For this, you need to shift to the right path, which ADMIPRO B-School can show you. Our PGDM triple specialization course is structured to impart needed skills so that you can shine in the crowd. Time & Money are Precious. Thus, you should invest them in learning what you are expected to know rather than misusing them by enrolling yourself for an MBA degree course.

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