ADMIpro making a move towards creating talented digital marketing professionals to compete with industry leaders

Once people thought girls can’t compete with boys. However, this stereotyped mentality changed when female counterparts took the correct skillsets and clinched top positions from their male counterparts in every sector. That’s the power of courage mingled with the right guidance and skills.

The story remains the same when it comes to competing with the leaders of the industry. Mostly, professionals think it’s not their cup of tea and give up. But this should not be the case. It doesn’t mean that a fresh graduate can’t reach to the forefront. Instead, every person has hidden potential; the need is to discover and polish the same.

For winning or even getting into the race with pioneers, the qualities that matter most are attitude, courage, and talent. In short, it calls for solid grooming. And ADMIPRO Business School is committed for the same. Our PGDM course in Hyderabad is one of its kinds as it facilitates you to master Digital Marketing, which is no less than a powerhouse. It not only provides vast career choice but higher pay, elevated career growth & a global reach. Dive into the article to know more.

Before moving ahead on this, let’s look at some valuable facts. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users has grown from nearly 199 million in 2015 to 373.88 million in 2019. And, the figure is expected to cross 442 million by the year 2022. So, you can envisage the size of the online market & how consequential Digital Marketing is!

ADMIPRO Business School: Taking Your Career to New Heights

ADMIPRO B-School is aptly equipped to impart the most demanded skill of today’s era – Digital Marketing. Our PGDM course offers triple specialization and enables you to get hold of your core subject along with excellence in Digital Marketing, which is a compulsory Sectoral specialization. So, with us, you will receive an AICTE approved Post-Graduation Diploma in Digital Marketing, along with major & minor subjects.

Smart & Comprehensive Curriculum

At ADMIPRO B-School, we believe in contemporary education. Thus, we have an industry-integrated syllabus. The aim is to fill the skill gap for which we must provide what industry is looking for. Moreover, being an autonomous Business School approved by AICTE & HRD, we are free to change the syllabus when we feel. It enables us to update our curriculum as per the requirements of the companies. 

Be it your core specialization subjects, or digital marketing, we do not differentiate. Also, we don’t want to introduce you to the concepts only. Therefore, our course is structured to cover both of these comprehensively, thereby enabling you to start your career at a higher level.

Specifically, talking about Digital Marketing, it is like a huge tree with several branches. It includes several aspects like Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Website Designing, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Moreover, all the branches are equally important and possess immense capabilities. To provide you with advanced knowledge, we cover all the topics with relevant case studies. 

Connect With Industry Experts

Gone is the time when a Degree used to get you an attractive job. Now, skills and competence play a major role. Thus, we have devised a 4E internship model for 360-degree learning. At ADMIPRO, you not only receive conceptual knowledge but strong practical training. With us, you will be on the job, working under the guidance of expert professionals from Day 1. It broadens your reach.

International Client Recognition & Reviews

We let you work on live projects from the first term itself. And a point worth mentioning here is that you not only work on real-life projects from India but abroad as well. It allows you to connect with so many clients, including cross border clients. Your work makes it possible for you to fetch recognition from national & international clients while pursuing PGDM course at ADMIPRO B-School. Moreover, good ratings & positive reviews from them qualify you for high-paying opportunities.

Join Us to Unveil Your Caliber!

Now, you know what PGDM in Digital Marketing can offer you! You, as a fresh graduate, can travel to the entirely new world, which is full of opportunities. And the scope of Digital Marketing is going to increase in the coming times that will add to the number of jobs in the sector. Not only this, if you want to start your business, the course is gonna help you as it is designed to turn candidates into Digital Entrepreneur. During the tenure, you will be nurtured to face the industry chiefs and compete with them, without hesitation.

According to Bob Nardelli,

“People, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities”.

So, connect with us immediately…

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