ADMIPRO Business school Crafted A Career Path to Silicon Valley For PGDM Aspirants – How?

Silicon Valley…the Hottest Job Destination!

Ever dreamt of working in Silicon Valley? Now it is time to live your dream!

Are you wondering, how & why? It must be surprising for you when we say reasons are not one or two, in fact, they are many. It would not be incorrect to say that Silicon Valley is the place synonym to sterling technology and start-ups. This place is the abode of tech giants like Google and Apple and Facebook to name a few from the list of nearly 2000 companies. Along with other graduates, it is a preferred work location for digital marketers too.

The era of digitalization has brought a striking change in the marketing field. And studies suggest about skill gap in digital marketers. A huge chunk of digital marketers is not adroit. There are thousands of people who aim to work in Silicon Valley. However, despite having a required degree and an effective resume, many applicants are unable to get a break into it due to tough competition. To get into this place, one needs to have superlative qualities.

Skills of Existing Digital Marketers of Silicon Valley :

The skills which have helped to digital marketers to breakthrough into the honored place comprises of both the hard skills and soft skills. And, both these play an equally important role when comes to success in digital marketing.

  • Conceptual Understanding – An Important Aspect of Success

The professionals working in Silicon Valley have crystal clear concepts and have reached at the position after beating the stiff competition. We can say that though, they are a master of their niche, but only a jack of all the components of digital marketing. Thus, brief know-how of the entire subject is necessary as all the concepts are interlinked, and to be able to identify the correct applicability of a particular aspect, it is must to know about it. Otherwise, it would be difficult to coordinate.

  • Passion for thorough Research – A Key for Success

To be able to find and understand the trends, it is imperative for a digital marketer to have a keen interest in research. Gathering data is not a problem but breaking it down to derive conclusion is. A step in the right direction only helps in formulating an effective strategy. Without genuine interest, this can’t be done.

  • Fervid Reader – to stay in the cosmos

In the digital environment, things changes constantly and frequently. Therefore, there is a serious need to have knowledge of ongoing trends, which demand the continuous reading of articles, research reports, etc., from different sources. Here, your inquisitiveness plays a vital role.

  • Effective Communication – the tool for connection

It is the most important skills of all. The ones who are at Silicon Valley could reach there because they have this quality. If you have all the required knowledge and skills to become a digital marketing specialist but could not communicate it in an effective way then everything is waste.

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere” – Lee Lacocca

  • Flexibility – to adjust to the changes

As things changes quickly, it is essential to have this quality. A digital marketer should be ready to accept the changes willingly with a positive attitude and be able to put those into practice from immediate effect to stay ahead of peers.

  • Team Player – the secret of victory

Digital Marketing is a vast area involving various parts like SEO, ORM, content, analytics and so on, and one person can’t do every task. to become an A-1 digital marketer and have a far-reaching impact of the marketing activities, it is significant to a have healthy teamwork.

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock

How ADMIPRO Business School can help you move towards Silicon Valley?

ADMIPRO Business School is one-of-its-kind, offering Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) with triple specialization. Here, along with normal specializations, you will have mandatory sectoral specialization in Digital Marketing; a subject needed in every field, be it marketing, finance or HR. The course is designed keeping in view the industry needs and opens the gates for a range of career opportunities

Unlike other institutes offering a short-term certificate course in digital marketing, we provide full-time comprehensive training in it, thereby making you AICTE approved diploma holder in digital marketing. During the tenure of learning, we focus on skill development rather than just teaching the concepts. For this, we have a tie-up with renowned companies including the ones in Silicon Valley, where you can apply the theories and get practical exposure. While your internship, you work under the guidance of virtuoso digital marketer and learn the requisite qualities.

Also, we conduct seminars and guest sessions by industry leaders & international faculty to polish your skills. On the day you finish the course, you will be ready to join the industry in full-swing as an employee or an entrepreneur. Come and join ADMIPRO business school and make your dream to join Silicon Valley come true!

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