6 figure salaries for PGDM graduates are not a tough thing in Hyderabad – wanna know how?

“The most powerful words other than I Love You are ‘Salary is Credited’.” And when the salary is six figures, it is the ultimate feeling. But, not all are born with a silver spoon. Not every management graduate is fortunate enough to get six-figure salaries!

In fact, why should an employer pay you a six-figure package? The answer is simple!

Tip-Top Experience

The relevant and top-notch experience is what the employers look for. So, in case you want to grab a high-paying opportunity, you must have a good industry exposure. But, till the time you will acquire sufficient experience, the six-figure salary would be barren.

Exclusive talent

You already know, you are not the only one doing PGDM, there is a huge chunk. So, you must possess some extraordinaire skill set & knowledge that is rare to find. In short, you must be matchless. For this, you must choose a B-School that not only imparts knowledge but grooms you completely; especially equip you with soft skills. Factually, as per 92% of professionals, soft skill is more important than hard skills, suggests LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report (2019).

According to Jim Rohn, “You do not get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour”.

Destination For Six-Figure Salaries

It would be an injustice to name a particular company when it comes to offering a six-figure pay package. Because there is not one or two, there are many indeed. If we talk about abroad, Silicon Valley is the favored place and coming back to India, Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. But, these are not the only ones. There are many companies, apart from those located in these areas. It includes startups also which are ready to pay a good package, but you should have something incredible to offer.

ADMIPRO B-School: Beyond a shadow of a doubt

Our PGDM triple specialization not only offers academic excellence but makes you an effective professional. 

We are unaccustomed in terms of our course offering itself, wherein our candidates compulsorily learn digital marketing as one of the specializations, along with major & minor subjects. So, at ADMIPRO Business School, candidates get masters’ education in digital marketing with hands-on practice, which undeniably is appealing. What’s better than becoming a skilled digital marketer along with a specialist of core fields like finance, HR, marketing, and operations.

Some other critical features are:

International Faculty

To train you effectively, we insist on interactive learning. For this, we have live case sessions, out-bound activities, management games and many more. And to supervise you, we have full-time faculty and international professors as well. Moreover, we invite prominent international guests for conducting sessions on practical content.

Industry Annexation Program

Unlike other management institutes offering summer internship, ADMIPRO Business School puts you on the field from the day you join us, and you get remuneration for your contribution. Additionally, we organize industry-visits and give you a chance to be part of the market research. Furthermore, you can become a member of professional groups too.

Continuous Assessment

Semester ending exams and mid-terms are what many of you have heard as a part of PGDM assessment by most of the institutes. But we are different. Apart from these exams, we use surprise test, random questioning and similar other ways to assess the performance of the candidates regularly. This enables us to polish your concepts alongside.

Placement &Incubation Support

Our work doesn’t end with the completion of the course curriculum. This is just the foundation. And thus we provide extended support in terms of placement assistance, in case you are looking for a job. We help you prepare an effective resume and conducts mock interviews too. For those who want to start their business, we have an incubation center to assist you in networking & support.

Wrap Up

Overall, our PGDM Triple Specialization program is an agglomeration of 4Es – Education, Execution, Earning & Entrepreneurship. We have a comprehensive package to prepare you in a way that you will not have to look for the job. Instead, the employers will gladly offer you a letter with a good package. This is because we will train you in a multi-dimensional way. You will be geared up to undertake responsibilities of 2-3 different people, including core areas & the supporting ones too.

Inquire Now!

We attempted to highlight the pre-requisites that attract six-figure salaries. And, we introduced you with the offerings of ADMIPRO Business School too, which can make you eligible for that. Our team is aware of the industry requirements; the needed skills & knowledge have been embedded into course PGDM triple specialization. And now you know that our course is primo!

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”

Become a part of this unparalleled journey and come up with flying colors. Apply now!

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