ADMIPRO’s 4E Internship program – Become a Digital Marketing Pro, not just triple specialized PGDM graduate!

Gone are the days when internship used to be a formality to complete the degree course. Now, it has become a motif.

But, that doesn’t mean every institute offering PGDM or MBA course is considering an internship as exigent. The aftereffect is visible! And, management graduates are the ones bearing the brunt. As per the report of ASSOCHAM, “93% of management graduates are unemployable”. Isn’t the number afflictive? And the primary reason is a lack of skills. Now, what is the solution? Yes, you hit the right spot! A proper & serious internship is the key.

Read different to think different; the world is already into the rat race.” – Aman Jassal

The above statement is enough to describe the scenario of management studies, especially in India. The stream is not bad but, the way it is pursued spoils the game.

To subjugate the situation, ADMIPRO Business School has come with a heteroclite course – PGDM with Triple Specialization, wherein digital marketing is a compulsory part. The intention is to make you a skilled individual, along with an advanced digital marketing professional. We want you to be the demand of employers and game changers; not the job seekers.’

For this, ADMIPRO Business School has in place a 4E internship module which is solitary. With us, you can start generating ROI from Day 1 of the PGDM program. Moreover, we treat you as an Executive Trainee rather than a student.

Sounds fortifying.

Now, it is time to breakdown its component of how 4E’s internship program structure of ADMIPRO. Let’s Begin >


To be erudite, it is a must to acquire conceptual knowledge. But, before that, it is vital that you are cognizant of the program and for which we have a week-long induction. Now, coming to the course; it is designed to meet the current and upcoming industry needs and is delivered by industry experts. Our team of professors comprises international faculty too, to introduce you to the business at a global level.

Notably, we have case-based pedagogy to make you intellective and industry visits assist us in that. Additionally, we train you in foreign languages, communication, and presentation. Furthermore, we have an Employability Fitment Lab (EFL) to furnish your work skills and personality enhancement training that includes yoga & value education. So, you will get a complete package.


Learning is useless when you do not know how to put it to practice. This is where most of the degree holders fail. Here, an effective application of knowledge comes into the picture. To make you a competent professional, we provide you with live training on the various aspects of the course. You will get the chance to work under the supervision of industry leaders from Semester 1 itself.

Apart from the internship in the major & minor subject, which you can choose from Finance, HR, Marketing & Operations, you will get comprehensive training in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is a vast domain comprising various components and all those are crucial. Thus, we train you in each aspect that is needed not only to be a Digital Marketer but helps in every field of career.

It includes everything right from Content Planning to ORM, SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, and E-mail marketing to Market segmentation & Analysis and what not! Not only this, you will have the chance to go abroad for an internship. We have an arrangement with companies in Silicon Valley too – a dream workplace of many. Now, you can imagine the level of exposure you can get with us!


Unlike many institutes offering unpaid summer internship, ADMIPRO B-School offers a job from the day you join us.

You might be thinking how this is possible?

We understand your curiosity. We believe that the side-by-side application of theories benefits more as compared to the two-month internship. Therefore, we conduct theory classes in the morning session and post-lunch; we have a session for working. This enables a trainee to have a better understanding. You will get various tasks depending upon the level of learning.


It is not necessary that you aspire to take a job after completion of PGDM; you can become an entrepreneur too. And we do not forget this while grooming you. For this, we provide the opportunity to participate in start-up events, engage in business networking, personal branding, along with the access to e-commerce tools.

Also, you have a chance to become a member of the Digital Entrepreneur Club. We ensure that you have knowledge of the business environment before starting and can handle the business’s image well, online and offline.

Act before it gets too late!

Now is the time to direct your future towards the prosperous path. Someone has said: “Being the best is great, you’re the number one. Being unique is greater, you’re the only one.” To become ‘the only one’ and act rather than being acted upon, join ADMIPRO Business School. Make the most out of the crucial two years of management course.

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